Hot Picks from The Guys!

What's up with this "Hot Picks"?

Who's behind the Hot Picks?

Doug, Barry and Alex are The Guys. They have wasted a good part of their lives seeking out live dance music and contriving to dance to it. The Guys also like to keep an eye out for what's happening around town.  And they want you to find out about what's worth showing up for.

Why do we need Hot Picks?

In addition to some very good local bands, some great regional and national acts show up regularly at Pittsburgh venues. Not all of these bands are known as “dance bands”, but they can play some pretty danceable music. If we're lucky, we get the combination of danceable music and a decent dance floor. 

Then there are times a great regional or national act will come through Pittsburgh for the first time but not many people know who they are or why they're special. So not many people show up, and it's difficult to get them to come back. We highlight these acts in our Hot Picks with a brief description so you can decide if you want to see them.

The Guys do not ignore our local bands and venues. It is difficult to make it to every event in Pittsburgh and sometimes even more difficult to find out about every event! Follow our picks and we guarantee you a good time.

Our picks focus on shows that combine good listening and good dancing. Our tastes definitely tend towards dance options:  we're The Guys, and we're here to dance.

What can you do?

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If something comes up during the month our Picks could change. Pittsburgh can be on the way between bigger gigs and performers arrange to stop over in town and do a show, maybe on an off night. Frequently promoters in town don't provide much advance notice. If you learn of a potential good pick coming up let us know and we'll publicize it.

Ok, but who are The Guys?

Doug, Alex and Barry

Barry Adams
After wasting my youth trying to learn to play the guitar I realized I was lacking one important ingredient, talent. Consequently, I learned just to appreciate what I considered good music, though it was not quite mainstream. In addition, my wrestling coach told me if I learned how to dance I would be better at takedowns. I combined the two to become what I am today. A no talented dancer who can no longer wrestle but likes music?

My main interests are Rockabilly, Swing-Lindy, and Roots music. Roots music; that’s stuff like Cajun, Old-Time, Folk, Zydeco and other Eclectic stuff. Trust me, I have wasted a good part of my adult life listening to live music. Follow our picks and we guarantee you a good time.

Alex Rudnicky
Alex prefers that his background remain anonymous for now. He seems to think that you've never heard of Google. Rumor has it that his musical interests are varied and include: Swing, jump blues, honky-tonk, western swing, afro-pop, Latin, tango, old-time, Zydeco, Cajun and points beyond. He is of the opinion that a good band necessarily includes either a saxophone or an accordion, with a steel guitar or a fiddle being an acceptable substitute. He tends to be more interested in genres that allow for dancing, although he does allow that sit-down music could be enjoyable. Once in a while. If taken in moderation.

Doug Wibel
It all started with a square dance with at a party. That led to many classes, many types of dances, and much fun. That was about 10 short years ago. I like a variety of music from Jazz to Blues to Dixieland and Swing and have danced to anything in 4/4 time and on any surface, concrete, grass, asphalt. The music I will go out of my way for is Rockabilly or Surf Rock that is now classified as Roots Rock.

Wanna be a Guy?
Are you into breathing second-hand smoke and drinking over-priced beer? Do you live to go listen to live music and to dance? Drop us a note. Tell us what you're into. Clue us into neat happenings. Become a Guy. Guy-ness can be for anybody. It can be for you.


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