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Yo! Listen up: 
This here Web-savvy Guy is sliding down the slippery slope of convenience... it's a human thing. And he has the publications to prove it.

Right now he's more inclined to send out an email blast than to format up a nice page at this here URL. This doesn't mean that I won't keep doing it, but you're more likely to get the word if you subscribe to the Mailing List [see below, for your convenience].

Here's a list of acts that we're posted in the last while: Lil' Brian & the Zydeco Travelers, Brave Combo, Those Lengendary Shack Shakers, Los Lobos, Venez au Bal, Boilermakers & Jenny Luvv, Los Straghtjackets, Hank 3, and more...  Acts that are good and ones that you can dance to.

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