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Lindy Hop with Kevin St. Laurent

Instructors: Kevin St. Laurent & Emily Hoffberg

Tuesdays (6 weeks)
May 20 - June 24

Not sure which level is right for you? Feel like you might be in between levels? You can always take two classes as a way to help you bridge the gap. All classes will have different material.

Lindy Hop 1

6:30 - 7:30 PM

Cost: $50.00 pre-registered
($60 at the door)

Edgewood Club

No experience necessary. We will start from the beginning covering the fundamentals of 6 count, 8 count and Charleston figures emphasizing lead, follow and freestyle techniques. Learn to swing it like you mean it.

Lindy Hop 2

7:45 - 8:45 PM

Cost: $50.00 pre-registered
($60 at the door)

Edgewood Club

Connection Intensive (Intermediate & Up) – We’ll focus on developing a great connection with your partner and moves that will help develop this. Improve your Lindy Hop lead & follow technique. Pre-requisite: Must know a swingout, lindy circle, tuck turn & pass-by.

Lindy Hop 3

9:00 - 10:00 PM

Cost: $50.00 pre-registered
($60 at the door)

Edgewood Club

Fast Lindy (Intermediate. & Up). Fun figures & techniques for dancing Lindy Hop faster. We will start mid-tempo & progressively get faster. A great class for performance students wanting to improve their Rugcutter Routine. Pre-requisite: comfort with the swingout, lindy circle, other variations, and Charleston kicks.

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